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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Revisited Shafter

Wore myself out taking over 500 photos today. A record pixel day for me, if nothing else.

I haven't gotten everything identified yet so if there are any lifers in the bunch they'll have to wait until tomorrow. At least I can ID the birds I saw there. It was cool having this Zone-tailed Hawk screaming off and on the whole three hrs I was there. Photographing distant birds in flight isn't my strong point, but at least it's an IDable shot.

Some of the odes wouldn't land and I wasn't fast enough to get any IDable flight shots of them. I'll spare you those. Here's an American Rubyspot devouring what I think is a moth.

Next is a pair of mating Gray Sanddragons.

If there are any lifers I'll post them tomorrow.

I really worry that the wonderful habitat at Shafter will be lost to the pipeline project. Such a travesty, but the construction will pull the water table down so much that I don't think the springs can continue running. The spring at Big Spring, TX was thought to be forever but is now only a distant memory. So I want to cram in all the fun at Shafter that I can, while I can.

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