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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Survived the concreting

Here's how it looked when I started this morning.

All the while I worked I kept thinking, did I really say yesterday that I could "easily" finish this morning. I finished, all right, but there wasn't anything easy about it. I ran out of cement on the last pour so it's a little lean. I can fix it if necessary at some point. It may set up fine.

I could use floor leveler but I think it would make the surface too slick. Need a little grit so no one slips and hurts themselves. As soon as I dampened the surface I covered it all with plastic. And I sloped the edges a bit so they would be harder to trip over. Since it's a thin slab I haven't set foot on it yet and hope to leave it cure until next banding in a week or two. No cracks developed so that's a good sign.

I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I got to town. In the mail I had received a thank you card from Sheri Williamson, author of Hummingbirds of North America (see post of Aug 25). The artwork on the card was by her. I had no idea her prodigious talent included being an artist.

Saturday I'm going to refill Kelly's feeders and look for the Mexican Violetear while I'm there. That would be an awesome lifer for me. Getting excited. If I get a photo of it I'll be ecstatic.


  1. You're a trooper, Carolyn! That's a lot of grunt work to do by yourself in the heat. Even in the cool. Surely I will make it back in the area at some point in time. When I do I will be sure to check and see what you need help with. I'm pretty handy. :)