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Friday, September 11, 2015

Life goes on

Well, the leak still isn't fixed. When the tank is dry I'll fix it properly, meanwhile, it's not spraying mist, just running down the pipe. What I did yesterday must have patched the wrong spot and today I didn't have time to let it sit and dry. I had to water trees and come to town. In the top photo you can see a tiny jet of water squirting out just below the tape. I don't think that's where the leak was yesterday.

The highlight of my day was observing my first female Blue-eyed Darner ovipositing (laying eggs).

I thought it rather strange that the male was no where to be seen, then when she finally finished, she disappeared, and the male showed up and hovered in the area territorially for hours afterwards. He even chased away another male Blue-eyed Darner.

I'm worried that my cherished soapberry thicket in the arroyo is dying, not having had moisture since July 8th. Hope it's just shedding some leaves and will survive.

Female Common Whitetail
 The only thing blooming at the oasis is this Ruellia that I have sitting in a basin of water.

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