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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day of the Moon

The prehistoric people of the Big Bend, ancestors to today's Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, called night "the day of the moon."* Seemed fitting this evening with the spectacular eclipse. I did my darnedest to get decent photos. There are great ones online so with my first hand sighting and their photos I have a pretty lasting impression of it. The evening started with a lovely sunset...

Soon followed by the moonrise....

And then the real show began..

I keep forgetting to post a photo of my newly made concrete pad in the viewing area, so I snapped a quick shot of it before dark today. It works better for banding now.


* I'm thinking that to their way of speaking, it would be like "time of the moon vs time of the sun." To us, it's "night-time vs day-time."


  1. Nice sunset and moon shots! Is that mountain on your property? It makes a nice foreground for these type shots.


  2. Thanks, Vern That mountain actually is not on my property but very close.