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Monday, September 7, 2015

Haven't deserted yet

My computer at the oasis is so slow that I can't bring myself to blog when I'm dead tired, it's late at night, and have to get up before daylight to help band. I'm in the process of getting a new fast laptop, so that glitch should be resolved as soon as I get it and learn how to use it. I'm technologically challenged, you see. My neurons were set in concrete before television was invented. (I sure can make good concrete though.)

I came to town and accidentally left my pictures from yesterday on a thumb drive at CMO but I have some great photos by Kelly that he said I could post. His are better than mine so you lucked out.

First is the Mexican Violetear he found at his place in the Davis Mountains several days ago. He saw it again today. This photo taken Sept 5th. (All photos by Kelly)

And next is a female Eastern Amberwings he photographed at CMO yesterday.

Until he photographed this male Mexican Amberwings I had the only photos of that species in Texas. I'm really happy to have corroborative documentation. And especially better photos than mine.

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