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Monday, September 28, 2015

Long hard day

I needed to water the oasis but neither of my tank pumps would work. They go into the pressure tank so watering is fast. So it took me all day to rig up another old broken pump, that ever so slowly produced water, to get things even sparsely watered. Then to town. I need to get a new fuse for the one pump switch box. If that isn't the problem then I'll have to get my son to go down and install a new pump.

At least while water was slowly trickling, in between moving the hose I got to watch birds. There were lots of warblers. And also I used less water than I otherwise would have, which might become an issue in six months if it doesn't rain in the meantime.

The only overwintering species to arrive so far are the Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  It didn't take long after I filled the sunflower seed feeder before a squirrel was trying to get to the seeds.

The moon was still awesome tonight so I stopped along the highway and snapped a couple shots of it in all its golden glory.

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