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Friday, September 4, 2015

Dental problems

For a couple of weeks now I've had bad implant pain. I imagine one of my implants is failing and will have to be removed. Always something. I know I abuse them, what with eating lots of chewy dried fruit. And working my body long hard hours every day is bound to cause bone loss at my age. Something has to give and it seems my teeth are my weak spots.

I did get new tires and new jack today. I wanted 10-ply but the shop told me that they don't make 10-ply for 15 inch wheels. I'd have to order bigger wheels, etc. So I settled for 6-ply and a new jack. I think it'll be fine.

Other than that, nothing exciting. Caught up housework.  The closest thing to fun was when I thought I saw a Mexican Sootywings butterfly, which would have been a lifer. But it disappeared before I could get a photo. All efforts to relocate it were futile. This is the only sootywings I got a photo of today. It's just a Common Sootywings.

I'll search again tomorrow for the Mexican Sootywings. There's a chance I was mistaken. The difference between the two species is quite subtle and I didn't get but a quick look.

Here's a lifer butterfly from Shafter two days ago. Sheep Skipper.

Here's a sentiment I can really, really relate to.

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