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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Enough already!

August 10: Feast or famine.  From Javier the Savior to Javier Havoc. I didn't mind having to redo all 20 of my hummingbird feeders after yesterday's monsoon. I didn't mind that the road was washed bad and lots of people are expected in the next 10 days. I didn't even mind that the storm destroyed my answering machine. I did deplore that the stucco tank is leaking quite a bit. But now today it monsooned all over again.

The oasis went from about 10 dragonflies last time I was here to about a million today.

August 11: That's how far yesterday's blog got before the electricity went out until 2:30 this morning. Desha and her friend, Rita, arrived in the middle of another monsoonal downpour. Here's right after she drove through a flash flood going across the road. (In the background here.) I had to egg her on before she did it.

Then while she looked for odes I emptied and changed the solution in all the feeders again. Earlier in the day I photographed all the tanks. There was no place for the water to fill, so it raged through for nearly an hour.

Desha found this nice Spot-winged Glider.

I worked in the guesthouse all day before they arrived. Here's a picture of the bunk beds, as promised.

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