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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Good day at CMO

The only glitch in the day was having the stucco tank leak 2" a day. I just have to hope that when the water level gets lower the pressure will decrease and it won't leak so much.

The best part of the day was this photo of copulating Blue-eyed Darners. I was excited because I was sure they were Arroyo Darners. But the experts say not. I guess the only way to tell the two species apart is to get good photos of the appendages.

In case you're wondering why I thought they were Arroyo Darners and not Blue-eyed Darners, it was the blue-ish spot on S3 of the female, the width of the thoracic stripes on the female and the shape of the upper stripe on the male (not visible in the above photo). It shows better in the next shot, but the next one was taken at a far greater distance and isn't as sharp. I don't know if this is a second pair or the same one relocated.

My sister and I spent some time today trying to make the road coming into my property safer. There was one place that washed really bad during the recent monsoon. (My trail washed real bad too. Hope to get time and energy to work on that soon, but it'll never be as good as it was originally.) Here's the bad wash on Snake Road.

The rocks in the above photo are the first batch I put in the 3 foot deep hole.

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