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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mean and green

The road is badly washed but the landscape is as green as can be. It's like a botanical garden. (Oasis in background center of photo)

Here are a few of the flowers I photographed today. The first one is Gregg's Coldenia.

And this next one I guess is Scarlet Bouvardia. I planted it years ago and had thought it was a Mountain Sage, as I remember planting that species, but looking it up, this isn't Mountain Sage. The sage must have died. The years go by.

Rock Trumpet
I can now confirm that the stucco tank is leaking between one inch and one and a half inches per day. What is, is. 

Had two mice in the shower room in the past week or so. I have zero tolerance for mice, so I went at mouse-proofing it with a vengeance. Unfortunately, I started with spray foam. Never, ever again. I got it all over me and my clothes and can't get it off. It's some mean, nasty stuff. It'll just have to wear off. For a while I couldn't even get my fingers separated. If you ever need a cast, just spray the broken bone area with foam. Then I couldn't stand the looks of the foam in, and oozing out of, the cracks so I scraped it all out and replaced it with concrete patch. Whew! I think I found and sealed where the mice got in though.

The weather has been cool and cloudy so I see no interesting butterflies or odonates. But summer isn't over yet. Still time. I photographed this Flame Skimmer just because he perched right beside me. And I love photographing odes.

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