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Friday, August 5, 2016

Pecos River odes

For a couple of months we have had a trip to Odessa scheduled for today. I went to see my eye doctor for an annual checkup. All is good. My vision is 20-25 in each eye. I have a problem with dry eyes, which we're working on.

Part of the plan was to stop at the Pecos River on the way home for me to photograph dragonflies, particularly the Seaside Dragonlet that likes the brackish water there. However, we spent more time in Odessa than anticipated so my husband was hot and tired and anxious to get home. I finally wheedled an agreement where I'd only spend 5-10 minutes there. So he parked in the shade of the bridge and mostly called to me to hurry up. (Never mind all the time I spent in the sun in the hot car in Odessa while he took care of his business.) So I snapped everything I could in that amount of time---- four species, including the Seaside Dragonlet. No lifers, but I probably wouldn't have gotten any unless I spent a great deal more time there anyway. BUT, I'll never know. I was just elated to get photos of the Seaside. I had once before, but it was an old female. I wanted photos of a fresher male and female, which I got.

I wasn't expecting Marl Pennants there, even though I should have, so I needed help identifying them. It had been quite a while since I'd seen that species at Lajitas.

It's really fun to see something besides the same species every day. I predict traveling in my future.

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