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Friday, August 19, 2016

Nothing but rain!

About 30 festival field trip participants showed up shortly after 8 AM. Then around 10 AM it started to pour and I had to get them out asap before the road got any worse. I think that's the first time ever an event at CMO got rained out while in progress.

Here are a few videos from yesterday. I couldn't post them yesterday because my oasis computer doesn't recognize the videos in the camera. The first one is the water running down the arroyo and over the first dam. At the end of the clip you can see it running into the already full concrete tank.

The second one is of the wildlife pond filling. It leaks bad. I don't use it for storing water, just for the wildlife. It's not very large. The cottonwood tree has roots going into it so it makes the cottonwood happy. And I have a little island of reeds in the middle for dragonflies and other species.

The last one is of the stucco tank topping off. I will, at some point, drain it, patch it, and refill it.

We got over another inch of rain since I left the oasis today. Now my feeders will get covered with bees.


  1. Couldn't get the video to run. Hints as to how to make is work? Would love to see the video.

    1. OK, there are two problems. The first is that Blogger has changed how you download video. I redid that, so that's solved. The second is that if you have Firefox or Safari they won't play. Can you try a computer without that?

    2. I am using Firefox and had no problem running the videos.



    3. That's good to know. Must just be Safari then.

  2. Nice to see all that water and your tanks full (even if it did put a damper on the festivities). How long will this water last you?

    Carla in Rowlett

  3. I have to make it last until next year's rainy season's first big rain. However, I'm going to have to pump out the stucco tank, patch it and refill it. Soon.