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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Festival's conclusion

Earlier in the week I heard a blurb on National Public Radio about the festival. The speaker said the itinerary included a field trip to "a place called 'Lucifer Madness,' believe it or not." I knew they had to be referring to CMO and I couldn't figure out who had come up with that name. I figured maybe to protect my privacy one of the organizers came up with it. Then I found the festival schedule online. Here's a section of it:

It seems that was the name of the field trip, not the name of the location. Another example of not believing everything you hear on the radio.

Tonight the final event was a photo presentation by Larry Ditto. I was eager to see how his oasis Lucifer shots turned out. This first shot is one of my mountain reflected in the lower dirt tank. 

Next are my photos of the presentation screen of female and male Lucifers. Larry's actual photos are much better and sharper, but this gives you the idea.

And no festival would be complete without me buying a tee-shirt. Artwork by Clemente Guzman III.


  1. Thought you'd like to know CMO was pictured yesterday in a story in San Antonio Express News. You need a subscription to read the whole story online but anyone can see the photo:

    1. Apparently the article is just in the online edition of the newspaper and you have to be a subscriber.

  2. Nice shirt. He a fine artist with TPWD.