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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rainy season missing oasis

To further rub salt in my wounds, here's what I read in the latest issue of Rio Grande Electric Coop's magazine:

"While much of RGEC's territory is suffering from drought, at least one region was pelted with storms almost every afternoon and evening during July. The Big Bend Triangle, like the Bermuda Triangle, sees some pretty strange occurrences. The weather last month was no exception. This area, bounded roughly by Alpine, Fort Stockton, and Terlingua, was seemingly targeted."  (My oasis  is within that "triangle.") Boo-hoo! I heard someone here in the Terlingua Ranch area got over 4 inches recently. Oh, well, rainy season is only half over. There's still hope.

A dastardly roadrunner was stalking hummers in the dummy trap, and almost snagged one. He must be successful there often because he was really hard to flush. I had to get right up next to the trap before he left.

And I wanted to feed the quail but with so many cowbirds hanging around I opted not to.

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