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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The deed is done!

What you see is what you get. Water was still seeping into the tank this morning. In hindsight, I wish I had drained more water out of the tank. With the water added via the leaks in the last couple of days, I was working right at the edge. There may be more leaks below the water line. But it is what it is this year. I spent two hours this morning doing my best to stop the leakage. Checking the records for last year I see it leaked 1½" per day after the first big [July] rain. So this year should be better than that. I'll check the level in the morning. It should give me an idea.

Notice the inlet pipe on the top of the tank (right edge on above photo). It shoots water out and creates a whirlpool against the bad wall, so I put an elbow on it to prevent that. That puts more pressure on the elbows along the pipe's route from the dirt tank. One elbow blew out twice, but I finally got it fixed. Underwater repair, of course.

I was pleased to see this lovely Parry's Ruellia blooming.

And finally, some people are actually into robber flies. Here's a photo for that small crowd. It may be the same species I always post, or it may be a new undiscovered species. Beats me, but my money is on the former.

UPDATE: Started pumping at 11 AM. The tank is almost full, with plenty left over in the lower dirt tank. Will be full around midnight. Then I'll check the level in the morning.

 I searched my blog and found this same species of robber fly posted on July 9, 2014.

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