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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rain update

I'm in Alpine today. My sister one mile north of CMO got 1.25" of rain and neighbors 3 miles south of CMO got 1.3" so I'm confident the oasis got over an inch. Normally, that amount would easily fill the tanks. However, it seems the arroyo didn't run. Without runoff that means it came slow enough to all soak into the ground. The ground desperately needed a good soaking. Remnants of Tropical Storm Javier should be dumping plenty more our way throughout the next week, so the tanks should fill. I'm going down by daylight and see if the dirt tanks caught anything that I can pump. It feels like I dodged a bullet. But have to see it for myself.

I would go tonight but I have a wooden bunk bed in the back of my pickup that I don't want getting wet. And besides, can't pump water during the night. I could if I had to, but it's a killer.

I've always wanted nice bunk beds for the guesthouse, but never found the right ones at the right price. Finally found some online for $20. The catch was that parts were missing, no steps, rails, or hardware, but hubby and I fabricated what was needed last week. I think they'll be lovely. Will take photos when I get them set up. I took the bottom bunk down last trip, and now ready to install the top one. To me, having a guesthouse with a niche for bunks without bunks is like having a formal dining room without a table.

Will update this post early tomorrow morning after I assess the situation.

I'll be having company for the next ten days so things are going to be bustling. My friend, Desha, is arriving tomorrow to go dragonflying with me for several days and after that is the week of the hummingbird festival and photography workshop. So my blog should be loaded with pictures for a while.

UPDATE: I couldn't stand it any longer so as soon as the radar showed no rain between Alpine and CMO (9 PM) I headed south. Got here to discover every tank brimful!!! I'm still in shock. It'll take a while for it to soak in (no pun intended). I got a total of 1.7." First thing in the morning I'll check to see how much the stucco tank went down. It does have a tendency to spring leaks, especially when it fills up suddenly. Got my fingers crossed. So happy to have water in the tanks for the festival. There'll be a big mosquito bloom in a week which will last until the gambusias catch up. Dragonflies will be happy though. I don't know how long it'll take them to show up, but I think pretty soon.


  1. That's great news Carolyn. Congratulations!!!

  2. Very happy for you (and the Oasis)! Now you can relax and enjoy your excursions. Looking forward to hummingbird photos from the festival.

    Carla in Rowlett