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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Another special bird in Alpine

I'm getting spoiled by all these rare birds showing up in town. After spending nearly two days at the oasis, I was tired and busy catching up in town. I vaguely remember glancing out the window earlier today and seeing a different bird. Made a mental note to go check, then forgot all about it.

So this afternoon I decided to take a quick look around the yard to see what's there. As soon as I stepped outdoors I saw and heard a Greater Pewee. Kicking myself for not being more aware of what's going on in the yard. It's not a life bird for me, but my first photo and first one in Brewster Co.

Just hope it sticks around awhile so others can see it.

The birdbath is still popular, but unless it's a rare bird, the new has pretty much worn off of taking photos.

Myrtle's Yellow-rumped Warbler

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