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Monday, November 28, 2022

Persistence paid off

After happening upon a Lewis's Woodpecker at the Alpine golf course on Nov 21, I had been unable to relocate it, hoping for better photos. Finally, today after at least twenty attempts during the past week, I got lucky. Probably got as good of photos as my camera will do. With me at the controls, anyway. As per my usual modus operandi, I took an excessive number of photos, but one will suffice here.

Birding has slowed way down both at the oasis and in town, but I'll welcome chasing any interesting species that turns up. 

Planted a bit of color in the new planter box. Gives me something to tend when winter gardening is bleak. If I can keep them alive. Yellow is pansy; red is snapdragon.

Note: Due to wet dirt being inside the box, minerals and salts have leached out of the concrete, creating a white residue. It would eventually wear off, but I'm going to re-stain it. Just need to bring my stain back to town next time I'm at CMO.


  1. Wonderful find Carolyn!

  2. I love your planter box just as it is, no new stain required. Enjoy the blogs so much. Yay for Lewis’s Woodpecker!

  3. Great shot of the Lewis’s! I’ve never seen one, that pic is a motivator. CT/Austin

  4. Thanks all for your comments. I appreciate them very much!