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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Planter box progress

In spite of the cold temperatures lately, I'm slowly plugging away at my new fake planter box. Here it is, formed and ready to stucco. I couldn't find any Youtube videos on how to make one of this type, so am totally on my own. I never follow their directions anyway, but I do use the videos for ideas.

When I couldn't stand waiting any longer, I bundled up and got a start on the stuccoing. My son came by and took some photos to share with my blog followers.

It's frustrating because the stucco sticks to my gloves tenaciously and when I pull my hand away from the surface, it pulls the concrete with it. Sometimes I feel like I'm frosting a big cake, and sometimes I feel like I'm too old to be making mud pies.

A while ago I saw my first hummingbird bathing in the birdbath. Wasn't fast enough to get a photo, but I will eventually. I intend to plant flowers in this planter box I'm making, so it'll be fun to watch hummers at them too. I'm thinking Darcy's Sage, as it grows large and blooms a lot, but it'll be a work in progress as to what flowers do best in it. It'll be in the shade mostly, so I'll see what options I have.

Here's an interesting article on the bear situation in S Brewster Co.


UPDATE: Darcy's Sage needs full sun, so I've decided on good ole Turk's Cap. I always have good luck with that!

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