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Sunday, November 27, 2022

On a mission

My horrible photos of the purported Swainson's Thrush the other day made me determined to get a better photo of it, and clinch the ID. So I arrived at the oasis shortly after daylight today and began my vigil. Visiting birders snapped a photo of me focused on my mission.

Photo by Kevin McGowan

The good news is, I did get photos of the thrush. The bad news is, I'm still not positive it's not a Swainson's, but likely it's a Hermit. Keep in mind though, that not only I heard the Swainson's vocalization, but birders very familiar with that species did too. At least, we have a better chance of determining what it is now. Really need good photos of the back and tail. Fortunately, it's not of great importance. Not even a new oasis species. Just really want to know for future reference.

The oasis was not very birdy today. Before I headed back to Alpine, I climbed up to the top of the reserve water tank just to be sure it's still full. Yup! Life is good!

Photo by Kevin McGowan

I was surprised to have at least 5 butterfly species this late in the year. My first Mexican Yellow for the year, too.

And a stray Monarch...

UPDATE: In spite of all my efforts, the experts have ruled the thrush a Hermit. Oh, well, win some, lose some! Like I said, it wouldn't have been a new species or anything. I was just so sure it was a Swainson's.

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  1. So great to see you and to visit CMO yesterday!! Thanks, Carolyn, for all of the wonderful things you do!! Hoping to get back there again soon!! — Emily