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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bent out of shape

I decided to concrete my bench today. After I had the legs stuck in wet cement and the rock seat on, I saw that the seat was lopsided. Couldn't slide it and mess up the legs* that were setting, so I just picked up the huge rock slab and moved it an inch. Maybe I'll be able to straighten up tomorrow. If I can get out of bed. Kidding. You know I'll be down hauling sand and mixing cement in the morning, working on the curb that's supposed to keep water from running along the west side of the tank. After I started, I remembered that since I put in a raised parking area, the water no longer runs along the tank. But, since I already have it started, I'll just go ahead and finish it, hopefully tomorrow.

And that male Red-naped Sapsucker has me further bent out of shape. (Photo of him on post of 3-22) Look what he's doing to the poor Velvet Ash tree.

It was a good day today. Finally got all the Drylok on the tank. This will be the last photo of the tank until it fills with water.

And late this afternoon I saw a butterfly that I assumed was just a faded ordinary Marine or Reakirt's Blue, but for some reason I photographed it, anyway. Good thing I did. It turned out to be a new species for me and the oasis--- an Eastern Tailed-Blue. Had I known it was different, I would have tried for a better photo. This is the only one I shot. Kind of a "just-in-case-it's-something-different" shot.


* The reason I put four legs under the rock seat is because I wouldn't enjoy the bench fearing one of my heavier visitors might get excited and twist around to look at a bird or something and cause a leg to tip and crush a foot. I've learned that chairs I don't think can get broken, often do. Plus, I can imagine a rattlesnake coiling under that nice cool rock bench. Now, with all those legs, that can't happen.

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