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Monday, March 17, 2014

Nothing impressive today

I was determined to get more of the tank floor coated, and I did. Nothing impressive. It's a huge tank and still a ways to go, but I'll eventually get it done. I have 4 other projects on my to do list (all involve mixing concrete).

Also today,  I tallied a new butterfly species for the oasis. Probably the least impressive species ever, a Henry's Elfin. When I first photographed it on the ground near the apricot tree, I thought it was a plain old generic moth.

But when I sent the above photo to Brian Banker (my personal butterfly expert), he said it was an Elfin, probably a Henry's Elfin. A very worn one. When I read up on the species, I learned redbud trees are one of their host plants. So I parked myself by my blooming Mexican Redbud tree and located it, or a different one.

I guess that Mexican Redbud tree is finally good for something.

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