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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Never-ending winter

That's what I heard it called on the news, and it seemed perfectly appropriate. I can attest that it's even worse in Alpine. At least today was nice at CMO. It's hard to tell on this photo what is what. What appears to be water is actually sky (sunrise), with a dark band of clouds above it. That vertical line in the lower sky area is a utility pole. Kind of an optical illusion.

I finished the walls. The floor is at least patched, so if the tank was to fill up, it should hold water. Actually, we do have a chance for rain this weekend, but doubt it'll amount to anything. Never know, though. Tanks did all fill once in January. And with this crazy erratic weather, it's anybody's guess.

The above photo is looking south, so the wall I finished coating was in the shade. I won't be able to work on the floor for about a week due to visitors coming, starting Saturday when I plan on getting back down there. I know it's going to be scalding on that floor very soon, but I'll do it all in the early morning hours, so I don't worry about that.

I saw my first Mourning Cloak of the year. It looks pretty beat up to me, probably due to the gale force winds we had night before last.

And had 5 visiting Green-winged Teal today. That headband really was green. Don't know why it looks so blue on this photo. I didn't do anything to it.

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