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Monday, March 3, 2014

Perfect day price tag!

Yup, 80° yesterday afternoon, and 24° this morning. Enough to make me crazy. I'm just blundering through. Too cold to do coating in the tank, so I worked a while on cleaning the walls. I have to scrub them with a steel brush before I apply the coating so I'm usually worn out before I get started with the paint brush. You're actually supposed to power wash the walls, but that's not an option. Here's a photo after I cleaned to the right of the broom/shovel, and didn't yet do the left side. You'll probably have to click on the photo to see the difference. Any chance for the coating to bond with the tank is essential.

That Ringtail hangs out at the feeders. I think its only handicap is being blind in one eye. Can anyone tell what might have caused this? I wonder how long he can subsist on birdseed.

I was determined to photograph the Lucifer Hummingbird to see if it's banded. The wind raged all day and around 1 PM it made it up to 50° briefly and went downhill from there. I'm sure the Lucifer is banded because he wouldn't come to the feeder if I was within photo range. It's down to 40° so I put the heat lamp back under the apricot tree for the night. That's the feeder the Lucifer is using too, maybe not coincidentally.


  1. Wild animals, especially predators such as ringtails, get into fights with other animals of the same or different species. They are also susceptible to accidents like we are.

    It is likely this ringtail was in a fight with another animal? Often we humans just do not see the results of these encounters.

    And remember all mammals are potential carriers of rabies. This one likely is not infected, but...

  2. Yes, I've been afraid to get close to it. I do not try to tame it or anything like that. I just observe it from a distance with my long lens, except when it came and sniffed my feet. I just stayed frozen then.

  3. He's not likely to hurt you, he's just trying to make a living, and the seeds are just a supplement in his diet.