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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I left Alpine way before daylight this morning, then at the edge of town, I realized I forgot my cell phone, so went back after it. It was so cold and windy that I considered just staying in town. There was no chance I'd accomplish much at the oasis. Additionally, I had a sore throat and a lot of congestion in my lungs, still from my getting rundown overworking. But even all things considered, I couldn't wait to get "home" to the oasis.

The wind had created quite a lot of dust in the air, making visibility low, and not helping my respiration any.

When I arrived at the oasis and saw the sun come up, it took a while to realize it was the sun and not the moon I was seeing.

I used to take March winds for granted, and always hated March for that reason. But with the advent of weather forecasts, which for today predicted the winds would abate in the afternoon, I was really disappointed when they didn't. 

Birders are scheduled for tomorrow so hopefully the weather will be good. And hopefully I'll feel like getting more work done. I'm so close to finishing that tank. When I started I wasn't sure if that could happen, but now I know I can do it. Even though a large area remains to be coated, it's an area that doesn't leak, or doesn't leak much, so a thin coat should suffice. I'm so ready to get it done with.

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