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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Four hummers, four species

I only saw four hummers today (that I know of) and all were a different species. I guess the biggest surprise was the female Anna's, because I thought they had all left weeks ago. I only saw her fly-catching briefly this morning and not at a feeder, so here is the only shot I could get of her.

The Black-chinned tried out the apricot blooms before going to the feeders. He did a lot of displaying but I never saw a female Black-chinned. He was too fast for me to catch him with his bill inside a blossom.

I've already posted too many pics of Rufous and Lucifers, but they were the other two species I saw today.

The weather was lovely so it was difficult for me to not overwork myself, but hopefully, I didn't. 

I had been brewing some banana mash to attract butterflies. They disdained it, but honey bees and flies like it. Back to the drawing board.

You can see from the above picture how the butterfly has its back turned away from the bee-covered pile of mash on the left foreground .

I optimistically toted a couple of citrus to my new citruseria. It's a start.

Front- Kumquat (Meiwa), Back- Toothache tree (Zanthoxylum hirsutum)

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