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Friday, March 7, 2014

Overloaded myself

I was planning on coming to CMO early tomorrow morning, but got really impatient and came down this afternoon. I have all my energy mornings but thought I'd try to do a little on the tank since the weather was so perfect. You add the Thoroseal to water, not the other way around. I don't know what I was thinking, but I added some to about 2½ gallons of water, then it took 2½ gallons of the powder to get the mix right, so I ended up having to spread 5 gallons of the stuff. My record for one day, with break and nap in between, was 3 gallons a day. Couldn't waste it though, so I persevered. It helped that I borrowed my husband's electric mixing paddle (actually, that's what got me in trouble because I would have started with a one gallon can if not for the paddle). Also I think the floor is a bit easier on my shoulder. I hadn't cleaned a large enough area and had to hurry before the stuff set up, so a little dirt got mixed in. I hope the Thoroseal is a bit forgiving in that. Picture tomorrow. Didn't have my iphone with me. I only brought 10 gallons of Thoroseal, sure that it would be enough to finish the floor, but that 5 gallons today barely made a dent. Gonna take about 15 gallons more to finish, so I'll order 2 more buckets tomorrow. That floor is huge. Photos don't really show how big that tank is. I promised myself I'd take the day off from the tank tomorrow to let my painful shoulder rest.

So, of course, no time to bird or anything. I filled the seed feeders and noticed lots of blooms.

Apricot tree

Mexican Redbud
Also saw both male and female Lucifer Hummingbirds. It must be spring. Even the mesquites are starting to leaf out. That's a good indication.

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