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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crammed in all I could today

Another perfect day. Just charge it to my account. I'll pay for it sooner or later. Probably sooner. It started out at 24° again, and I fretted all day because I didn't see the Lucifer Hummingbird early this morning. I was sure with hurricane force winds all night and the cold, after his long journey, he just succumbed to the elements. Finally saw him late afternoon, and I think there were two. Saw the selasphorus early AM, but not again all day. Maybe he left when the wind stopped blowing. Yes, it actually was calm today.

Then, while I'm on the subject of hummers, I heard a Black-chinned display briefly, but could not see a BCHU. Unwavering in what I had heard, I was gratified to finally see him around the time the Lucifers came in. They had a little territory dispute, naturally. I didn't even think about taking photos. Just glad to see Lucifers. My shoulder wouldn't carry my big lens around by late afternoon after working in the tank all day. Tomorrow I'll do what I can, then go to town for a couple of days.

The tank. I decided to coat a thin coat higher in the tank where it doesn't leak, just to protect the concrete. Well, when I thinned the Drylok, it was messy and dribbled down the area I had stained red. So I coated it too. Then my sister held the ladder while I finished everything I couldn't reach without one. It will take 3 gallons to finish the walls, but don't know if my shoulder will let me do it in the morning. May have to wait a few days. I think the floor will be a little easier on my shoulder. I hope.

Looking north

Looking south
Forecast is for warm tonight, freeze tomorrow night. Ah, but I repeat myself!

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