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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Too much of a good thing

Another perfect day. I pushed myself to do my quota on the tank. Tomorrow is D-Day-- Done Day. Two more gallons should do it. I hope to put some Drylok on that gray Thoroseal though. It doesn't seem rugged enough. I can scrub it off. Not good.

Looking west

Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. (Say's Phoebe)

And a doggone Red-naped Sapsucker showed up today. Hope he leaves soon.

Kelly's going to come Monday and try to catch that Lucifer Hummingbird with the stuff caught on her leg. It can't be band related because he bands on the right leg and this stuff is on her left leg. He would come sooner if the bird seemed to be in distress, but she's acting totally normal.

Maybe tomorrow I can get a clearer photo. She moves faster than my lens and I can keep up with. Probably what happened is the spider webbing she was building a nest with got tangled in some of my tempting cotton offering. Likely it would wear off by itself.

UPDATE: Kelly came and trapped the bird, as planned. It was her 10th recapture. He cleaned the stuff off. It was totally natural stuff, and tangled in her foot. It would have come off by itself. That might happen a lot in the wild when they're nesting. She was a good healthy weight and gravid (pregnant with egg).

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