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Thursday, August 27, 2015

An intense summer

What with having to water endlessly and drying all that fruit for weeks and weeks, I feel about like I did during the drought of 2011. At least I'm not buying and hauling water.... yet. Can't ever go through that again.

The last group of banders got 5 species (Calliope, Black-chinned, Ruby-throated, Lucifer, and Rufous) at CMO this morning. Here's bander Fred Bassett admiring a male Lucifer's gorget.

I finally got a distant shot of that elusive Belted Kingfisher. Not bad considering how far away she was.

This snake scooted across the path while I was watering. Startled me. A herpetologist said it's a baby Western Coachwhip.  O..K.. That's a hole below its head. It briefly stuck its head in the hole. Maybe sniffing for food. Don't know.

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