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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Godzilla is coming

The weatherman said the El Niño pattern for the next three months will be the Godzilla of El Niños. We should get some awesome rains. I'm ready.

This morning I went up to Kelly's place in the Davis Mountains to help band hummingbirds. I hadn't been up there in a year so it was enjoyable. It's migration so I had expected to trap one hundred birds, but we only got 80. Then back at Alpine I had tomatoes to pick and process. Can't keep up. Here's what I picked this afternoon.

What I didn't give away I processed and froze. After making a pie with the last of this year's apples, I checked out the ponds for odes and butterflies. Nothing interesting, but I photographed an Eastern Amberwing because the diagnostic pattern on the abdomen seemed so faint. All the diversity within a species is confusing to me. Someday I'll probably reread this (or not) and think what a novice I was.

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