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Monday, August 10, 2015

Hotter and funner

Lajitas did not disappoint today. Just as hot as we expected (around 106° I think someone said), but far funner.

For several years Kelly and I have looked for Halloween Pennant dragonflies at Lajitas. One time we got a glimpse of one but it didn't land and no photos. The rule is- no photo, it didn't happen. Today we got lucky. We found one perched and got lots of photos of it. Kelly's were perfect, his always are, but mine are equal to what I usually do, so I'm satisfied. Here's one of my favorites. Glad it was a gorgeous male, to boot!

That's the first time that species had been documented in Brewster County, but it's common in East Texas. Even though I had that quick glimpse of one previously, I didn't count it as a lifer until today.

Other than that day's highlight, we saw a female Hooded Oriole feeding a newly fledged chick. So cute!

I liked this picture I snapped of Widow Skimmers trying to escape the heat like everything else.

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