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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A wedding walk in the park

I went to Big Bend National Park this morning to attend my daughter's Window view wedding.*

Then we all changed clothes and took a short hike. When we returned to our vehicles I had a warning ticket stuck to mine.

You notice it said Tequila bottle and not bottle of Tequila. ("Window TH" means Window Trail Head.) Everyone that knows me knows that I don't put my drinking water or hummingbird sugar water in plastic bottles for concern about the danger to health of phthalates present in plastic bottles.  I discussed this later with park personnel and apparently an open liquor bottle is banned, regardless of what it contains.** I'm surprised they even noticed it inside my pickup with the tinted windows and how it was positioned between the two front seats, but I would have hidden it if I had known it was banned. My husband keeps me supplied with endless Tequila bottles, so it seems the natural choice. Nothing I purchase at the grocery store comes in glass bottles. I wonder if I scrape the label off the bottle if it will still be classified as a liquor bottle. In the future I'll be sure it's well-hidden.

* Isabel and John live in Austin, but have purchased a home in Dripping Springs. They'll be moving into that as soon as it's ready, hopefully in a week or so. 

** I looked up the park rules. Here's what it states:

To help ensure your safety and the safety of other park visitors, the following areas are closed to the possession of any open alcoholic beverage container or consumption of any alcoholic beverage:
  • All park-operated visitor centers and ranger stations, to include the areas within the structures and any related developed areas adjacent to the structure which are frequented by the visiting public.
  • The areas within all concessions buildings open to the general public (with the exception of the Chisos Basin Lodge dining room), the stores, and parking areas immediately adjacent to the stores at Rio Grande Village, Castolon, the Basin, and Panther Junction.
  • The Langford Hot Springs area, including the parking area, the loop trail, and the area from the mouth of Tornillo Creek to 1/2 mile downstream from the springs along the Rio Grande.


  1. This is exactly why I hate NPS so much. It's fascism. It's beyond preposterous. Citizens should boycott these institutions.

  2. I bet if I took tequila and put it in a plastic water bottle they would have thought it was apple juice and paid no attention, but water in a tequila bottle, OMG!

  3. So seriously, nobody is allowed to have any alcohol in any national park? I don't even drink and I think this is preposterous. Is this the United States or Yemen?

  4. Apparently so. Or even a liquor bottle full of milk. Subjects one to a $75 fine. Supposedly it attracts bears, but if a liquor bottle of water attracts them, then wouldn't a plastic bottle of water attract them? Crazy!

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