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Friday, May 2, 2014

Life goes on at CMO

Hosted the VENT (Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours) group this morning. As always, a nice group of people, led by great guys, who are also great birders.

Migration is definitely progressing, although warblers remain scarce, even though the acacias are all in full bloom. And still not one empidonax flycatcher.

I witnessed a W Kingbird fly in from the south, stop for less than a minute and take off to the north. I think the birds are frantically rushing north now that the wind has finally stopped raging.

But my main attractions, that are difficult to find elsewhere, are the Lucifer Hummingbirds, and thankfully, they are sufficiently present. Brown-headed Cowbirds, that hadn't been present yesterday, were more than sufficiently present today, and didn't seem in any big hurry to get north.

An atypical looking birds today was this male Summer Tanager, probably a first spring bird.

And perhaps this male Indigo Bunting is partially leucistic.

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