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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pond-weed, and such

Migration didn't amount to much this year but that might be good for the birds. That could mean they didn't need the oasis. It's here for them when they do, though. And it might just be a late migration with more to come. The weather is so weird that I wouldn't blame the birds if they're in a state of confused panic. This morning it was 37° at the oasis, then it warmed up to 93° for the high today.

I halfheartedly removed some of the pond-weed roots from the tank, but it's such a hopeless task that I soon quit. It does make good mulch though. I'm sure I'll "harvest" more of it when the tank is drier.

I observed a couple of Aoudad on the slopes west of the oasis late this morning. It's not very often that they're seen, so I'm always thrilled, even though, technically, they're undesirable exotics.

The Whitethorn Acacia sure knows how to put on a good bloom.


  1. Does pond-weed make you high?

  2. LOL! I doubt it, but if it does, I might get more enthused about harvesting it.