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Saturday, May 31, 2014

In a word, HOT

And it's supposed to be hotter all the rest of the week. It's tough. I worked on the tank all morning until I was too exhausted to climb into my pickup. The bottoms of my feet were starting to blister from walking on the steep slope in my stocking feet. I turn the shovel over like that to set my bucket on while I'm working. Then I work with my right hand and try to keep from sliding down with my left hand. I have to keep the surface swept clean. Any crumbs and down I go. With my feet like they are, I'm thinking I'll have to wait a week to resume work.

Gonna clean what dirt I can get from around the edges of the water. I need it for a project. By the seed feeder I had planted 3 trees. Now I need space for basins around them so I widened the terraced area they're planted on. In the process of moving the retaining rocks farther out, it seems I unearthed lots of ant eggs, or something, that the Curve-billed Thrashers love. They chomped at the bit for me to move away so they could get to the.... whatever it was. I tossed the shovel down and let them to it.

It appears that the thrasher on the left side is pecking them off the rock, and the other one is getting them from the cavity. They were foraging so fast I couldn't get a sharp image. It looks like the center bird in the top photo has something larger than an ant egg in its beak. They probably hear things in the ground that I'm not aware is there.

The Chisos Rosewood had been blooming profusely for over a week now and no butterflies. Someone told me it would attract butterflies. And someone told me to watch the soapberry blooms for butterflies too, and no butterflies anywhere. Must be too hot and dry.

On the facebook birding groups people get so sick of seeing Cardinal photos posted, BUT I have not seen one at the oasis since the drought of 2011 until today, so I just had to document the event, even though the bird was not very cooperative.

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