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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Talked myself out of working on the tank

I was going to coat the rough areas around the tank with that white Drylok, but the area I was going to do next (on that steep slope) is so bad I think it should be patched first. Since all the patching I've made never holds, I thought I'd try some professional patching stuff. So I have to buy it in Alpine, which means no work until my next time back here.

Area I plan to do next. Working on that steep slope is a killer.
I would also love to get this tank cleaned out, but that means pumping the little remaining water into the stucco tank. I'm too scared to do that for fear there'll be leakage. Once both tanks are full, leakage will be easier to bear.

I'm enthused that a hurricane (Amanda) is already forming in the Pacific. I get my best rains from Pacific hurricanes.

For anyone interested, I've planted acacias Berlander and Huisache (farnesiana) at the oasis. The acacias on my property that grow wild are Roemer, Gregg, Whitethorn (constricta), and Schott's.

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