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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Alpine activity

It's very rare that I want to hang out in Alpine and not go to CMO, but with ducklings hatching, that's the case. However, if I don't go to CMO tomorrow, some of my potted plants may die, so I'm going. So far, I see two ducklings, not sure if more are hatched or going to hatch.* She hasn't gotten off the eggs yet.

And about the time I gave up on seeing any pewees this spring, one showed up in Alpine. I'll probably see some at CMO tomorrow too. I guess they're just coming late this year.

Western Wood-Pewee

UPDATE: Saw a third duckling. Wish I could take a peek under her and see what's going on. Seems a lot is.


* You know how I love my ducklings. Last year one hatched, but only survived a couple of weeks before it was predated. Hopefully, enough will hatch this year that we'll end up with at least one.

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