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Friday, May 16, 2014


I'm still in Alpine, and there are still three ducklings, and I have yet another duck story. I figure the longer they survive, the better are the odds that we'll end up with one. While I was watching the mother with the ducklings today, I saw a Mexican Duck copulating with the other domestic duck. That convinces me that the domestic ducks are both females. So my husband had to have been mistaken when he said he saw one domestic duck mate with the other. He doesn't look at them through binoculars and I doubt that he can tell them apart from the wild ducks. So that means all the ducklings are half Mexican Duck by my reckoning.

They were feeding peacefully on the cracked corn I put out for them when one satiated duckling decided to head for water, maybe to help wash the corn down. About that time a male duck came to partake of the windfall, causing momma duck to go ballistic. Baby duck immediately sensed his faux pas and did an about face.

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