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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ups and downs of life

The wind finally stopped raging today, although it got down to 37° last night. It warmed up to nearly 70°.

I had to water my trees, then go to Alpine. I carried my camera around all morning until I was ready to leave. Then I put it in the car. For some reason I walked back by the water feature and there right beside the path at eye level in the big Chinese Pistachio tree was a Worm-eating Warbler. I got a good but quick look with my naked eye before I ran for my camera. Of course, I never saw it again. It's not a new bird for the oasis, but I really want to get a decent photo of that species.

We're down to 3 baby ducks at our ponds in Alpine. And they do not stay close to the mother duck.

I found this stowaway moth in my pickup on the way to Alpine today. Anyone know what kind it is?

I did eventually get a slightly better photo of the Warbling Vireo today.

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