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Monday, April 20, 2015

A cool breezy day at CMO

The sun never shone today and what with my impaired vision I didn't photograph much that moves. Mostly flowers, although the wind kept them moving pretty much too. Here is the only butterfly shot I got. They were preoccupied and let me get close. Just common old Vesta Crescents.

There are so many new flower species blooming every day that I cannot keep up. I hate that because this might be the only year I ever see some of them, though hopefully not. These yellow and purple ones seem to have similar form, but I don't know what either of them are.

A lovely couple from Washington State visited today who were hoping for decent Lucifer Hummingbird shots. So had other birders been who left disappointed within the past week or two. Today it occurred to me that a male Lucifer usually defends a territory down the canyon below the oasis. I mentioned that I needed to go check. The couple decided to go along with me. They ended up getting good looks at the Lucifer male there, and good photos I hope. It's not close up like at the feeders but with a suitable lens it shouldn't be too bad.

I asked Tanya how the bees are doing at their new home in Austin. Here's her response.

Here are 3 photos of the bees in their new box in the Bee Friendly Austin Apiary.  They are now living in the bottom box, the top box is just there to cover their external feeder temporarily, so they don’t get robbed.  We are feeding them for a couple of weeks with sugar water to help them build out some extra comb for the queen to lay her eggs in.  Then they will be on their own!

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