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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sisters and stuff

There appears to be some kind of rubber cups (like go on the bottom of a tripod?) and a red rubber-band inside. I'll be happy to send it to whoever lost it if I can figure out who. Help appreciated. I've tallied at least 55 visitors from yesterday.

Watered some today but mostly spent the afternoon with my 3 sisters. The one lives in Iowa and will be returning  to Iowa next week so we had a party with only us 4 allowed. It was fun. (I took this photo with time lapse.)

Did manage to photograph a nice American Lady today. Wish the rock hadn't been in the way.

My Claret Cup cactus got smothered by mallow. I had to snip some mallow away to see it, but you can still make out red blooms back under the mallow. 

I normally do not take photos of House Finches, especially on a feeder, but this one is just the reddest one I think I've ever seen. It is a House Finch though, and not a Cassin's, though it's hard to tell from this poor quality photo. The oasis House Finches are the redder subspecies, San Luis House Finch (carpodacus mexicanus potosinus).

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