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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Could have been worse

But not a whole lot. It was so cold this morning (44°), and being breezy made it worse.  VENT* birders froze here once before a couple of years ago. They told me they're coming in May next year. May can often be our hottest month of year. Big Bend weather is unpredictable, especially a year in advance. I told someone today that the time between the cold of winter and the heat of summer is called spring. It lasts a couple of hours, so good luck!

This Bell's Vireo is nesting right at the edge of the walkway. It's the one I accidentally exposed (to the back side of this photo) when I cut that limb (see April 25 post).

I'm wondering if the reason viewers got more frequent views of both male and female Lucifer Hummingbirds at the feeders today is because of the cold. No insects flying. Even female Lucifers were visiting the feeders for the first time in weeks. Out of curiosity I walked to the male Lucifer's territory to see if he was there, and he wasn't. Surely he's sheltered somewhere. Seems like they use feeders to fatten up for and after migration, or when there aren't insects available, but otherwise prefer insects for the most part.

Today I saw my first Catclaw Acacia blooms, complete with insect, setting the table for the warblers to come.

The mulberries may be gone by the time the warblers arrive. Orioles, tanagers, and grosbeaks are certainly getting their share. It's very difficult to get a satisfactory photo of the rapid action though. 

Black-headed Grosbeak

Western Tanager

American Robin

* Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

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