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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Long, long day

Visitors from 8 AM to 9 PM.  Doesn't get much longer than that. May be a CMO record day. So far I've accounted for at least 47 visitors today.

Before I forget, for those of you who expressed concern over the fate of the bees, let me assure you they couldn't have gone to a better home. Tanya and Chuck are president and vice president of the Bee Friendly Foundation ( in Austin and appear frequently in the newspapers there. They're experts and love bees with a passion. Last night they sat and waited to make sure every last bee was safely inside the box before they took it. I'll follow the progress of the hive and keep you updated.  I suggested just moving the hive a ways off from the oasis to a safe distance. Anywhere except above the picnic tables, but they said that if you move a hive it has to be at least two miles from the original location. Since I know nothing about bees I go with the experts.

CMO hosted the Native Plant Society of Texas today. A large group of 25. I hope they enjoyed their visit. I took them to see my Lyre-leafed Twistflowers and both kinds of paintbrush that I have. Hopefully we all learned some new flower species.

I'm too tired to sort out my pictures from today but nothing special that can't wait. Just the same flowers, butterflies, and birds as usual.

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  1. That's a load of people on such a beautiful day. I should visit that Native Plant Society chapter sometime, as our's is part of NM's!