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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Really intense, strange day

Here is part of a group of naturalists from Delaware observing the Lucifer Hummingbird on territory. They found it every time without my help. They're good. Took the pressure to locate it off me.

It's a rough, but short, hike down the canyon from the oasis to the site. I have an old trail I made years ago that goes half the way, but I desperately need to extend it to where the Lucifer hangs out. Moving up on my to-do list.

One visiting couple left early because of a dental issue, then almost immediately afterward I had a message on my answering machine that my sister cut her toe real bad and couldn't stop the bleeding. She was taken to the emergency center in Study Butte about 20 miles away.

Then after I invited the naturalist group to see my house while they were visiting, one of the participants missed a step inside the courtyard and fell on her elbow hard and may have broken something. Whew! We put ice on it and called 911. Then the group departed for the emergency center in Study Butte. Prior to today I had never known anyone who was treated there. I have no idea what facilities they have.

In the past 36 years many hundreds of people have visited my house and no one has ever fallen. I keep a red strip painted on the edge of the two 3" steps just to be extra cautious.

As I just typed this paragraph I got an email from the group leader that the medics don't think anything is broken and it may just be sore for a while but shouldn't spoil their trip. At least no one got bitten by a rattlesnake... yet.

I came to Alpine to do some things I needed to do and reunited the black pouch with its owner. The rubber cups are tips for a walking stick. Maybe she takes them off on rough terrain like CMO and puts them on to protect floor finish indoors.

UPDATE: The lady who fell left the group and went home to see her doctor. Apparently, she did have some kind of fracture. I don't know the details.

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