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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hackberry downside

I've always loved Hackberry trees. They don't complain about anything. Grow fast on little water. Birds love them. So does mistletoe, which attracts Phainopeplas. All good, right? Not so fast. All the rains we've had this winter, and now after a week of spring, summer is here, and hackberry babies are coming up everywhere. Truly, everywhere. I'm thinking about requiring every visitor to pluck out 100 hackberry seedlings. Kidding, but the thought did cross my mind. All I can do is get down on my hands and knees and pluck until my arthritic thumbs refuse to move anymore. Some places are so dense with it that you can't see the ground underneath. Here the mulch seems to mitigate the density. If I let them get bigger they won't come out and I have to dig them out. Been there done that, so I'm working hard at it. Sometimes I quit and decide to just let nature do its thing.


  1. Greetings Carolyn
    I got your blogspot from Heidi/birding pal and have just read your blog. Looks like a wonderful place and I did not realize that the spring desert flowers would be out for us. I am still in Canada at the airport and we will be in San Antonio tonight arrving at Big Bend Resorts on Tuesday night. I hope that we can get to your place and visit. The Lucifer Hummingbird may be a lifer for me and my birding friend Jane. I hope that you will be on the mend and have eagle eyesight by then.

    Barbara in Canada at the moment waiting for the flight to Newark, NJ then on to SA.

  2. The Lucifers might be scarce at the feeders with all the natural vegetation for them to feed on but you're welcome to come visit. Eyesight in the left eye is still bad. Hope once the Dr takes out the temporary contact that it'll be better.