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Monday, April 27, 2015

Migration finally hit CMO

I guess it was all the wind yesterday that brought migrants in. Or maybe the mulberries. Or maybe it's just that time of year. Only 4 warbler species, but not surprising since the acacia aren't blooming yet. That's when they fill up with warblers. Probably for the insects. But any day now they'll burst into awesome bloom.

A lovely couple from Tokyo visited today. They got here before I did (I arrived shortly after 8 AM) and already had their lifer Lucifer Hummingbird with photos to prove it. They got several more lifers while they were here.

This is my first damselfly photo for this year. I guess it's a Powdered Dancer, but I might be wrong.

I felt kind of puny today but forced myself to get some work done at least. We all tried for Elf Owl shots without getting anything very satisfying. I thought I'd wait until late afternoon when the light would be better but by then he had awakened and moved to another spot a foot or two away.

Tomorrow is my busiest birding day of the year and it's supposed to get into the 30°s tonight. But I think it'll warm up quick and birding will be good. I hope.

The hummingbird garden is currently overrun with Globe-mallow.

And although the ocotillo have been blooming south of here for a couple of weeks, it's just now blooming here.

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