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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Catching up

Yesterday I didn't get all the photos posted that I wanted to. Here's the oasis as it currently looks.

And here is the latest attempt by javelina to get to the bird seed in the feeder. I think I'm winning, but I may end up having to pour a concrete base under the feeder.

Here's the courtyard. That tree is a FanTex Ash that leafed out too early, froze, and now is leafing out again. Half of the branches are dead on it. I figure it won't last much longer. The courtyard has gone through a lot of trees in its existence. Eventually some trees will be happy there. There's just not much soil for trees. The pad where the house and courtyard are built was dynamited into solid rhyolite, so the only soil there is that couple of feet I hauled in.

Too late in life to redesign and rebuild, so what is, is. Here's an interesting bug. I don't know what it's doing or what it is.

Apricot crop looks promising