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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Closer to rainy season

A few days ago neighbors 3 miles south of me got a big rain. None at CMO. Today the Davis Mountains got a good rain. None at CMO. Getting closer though. Normally I get rain in June, so I feel certain I will this year too.

Not much going on at the oasis. I'm thinking birds are sneaking in and eating the apricots, knocking them to the ground where the squirrels eat them. Either way, none for me, unless I pick them green.

This isn't a good photo, unfortunately, but I like it because it shows a Lucifer Hummingbird with a pink and blue gorget. I don't recall seeing that before. Keep in mind, that gorget color is created by light refraction to the structure of the feathers, not in the pigment of the feathers. 

This is called a Christmas Cactus or Tasajillo (Cylindropuntia leptocaulis). It's amazing what a lovely bloom it can make on such a dead looking plant. A Christmas cactus blooming in the Christmas Mountains, and it's not even Christmas. So why is it called that? Because of the bright red fruit it sports in the winter, of course.

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