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Monday, June 29, 2015

The bear won!

Got to the oasis around 8 AM to discover the seed feeder barrel destroyed beyond repair. The bear had snapped off the T-post. If you look closely you can see the cracks in the concrete around the stub of the post.

While I was photographing that I heard a snort, like a startled deer makes, back in the woods. When I walked back there I got a glimpse of a huge bear disappearing into the arroyo. I started to follow in hopes of getting a photo but chickened out.

About thirty minutes later I spotted the bear in the woods area of the oasis. Still had the bridge camera in hand so snapped a couple of shots as best I could.


I decided to walk around the thicket between us and try for a better photo. When I got to where he was more in the open, he reared up and snorted while moving his paws like he was threatening me if I didn't back off. At that second, I panicked. I knew not to run, but did it anyway. He didn't follow. I went to the house and got a gun which I carried around while watering and picking peaches. A couple of times I thought I heard him, but didn't see him again.

Looking at the photos, keep in mind that he was 10-15 feet away from those chairs even though it looks like he's right beside the one. That's because of the telephoto lens effect. And he's on all fours when I took these, so imagine how huge he was, towering over the chair even though he's way back from it. I tell you, I'd rather get bitten by a rattler than attacked by that bear.

I picked all the peaches in hopes he won't break any more limbs on the tree (two so far), then headed to town to start drying them. While I watered a few things that needed it worst, I saw a lovely fresh Neon Skimmer, but couldn't get close enough for a good photo.


  1. Very exciting day....maybe a little too exciting!!!. Glad your OK. Amazing he could break a tee post. Connie and I are going to be down at our place on the ranch next week. Hope to visit your place again if it's OK.

    1. Of course, you're always welcome.

    2. Ok, Carolyn.... Next time you go fooling with a bear strong enough to break a T post you should at least carry a switch! lol Really glad it turned out the way it did. That does look like a big black bear for sure.

  2. Thanks, Vern. I won't get myself into that stupid situation again. Just thankful I survived.

  3. I can bearly believe this has happened. Stay safe.

  4. LOL. After researching Black Bear behavior online I've concluded the bear was nervous and just mock threatened me. Black Bears are all that dangerous.